Light shapes our world. Without light, we see no form, color or texture. So wherever no daylight falls, we harness the forces of nature to create our own. From prehistoric flame carriers through Edison’s light bulbs to today’s light-emitting diodes (LEDs), innovative thinking has illuminated our path. Netherlands Innovative Lighting Systems (NILS) carries forward this tradition.

Taking light where it is needed. NILS produces professional lighting solutions that heighten safety, increase efficiency and enhance appearance in a broad band of professional applications. We realize complete ‘turn-key’ systems and products – including fixtures, enclosures, control electronics and software.

Innovative materials and technologies. We use combinations of a bioresin material that contains no environmentally hazardous components, long-lasting LEDs, efficient gas-discharge lamps, fiber-optic technology and optical light films in applications ranging from dynamic road marking and emergency handrails to supplementary lighting and creative signs.

Serving emerging and existing markets. Our products have many uses in traffic infrastructures, road and rail tunnels, marine and offshore installations, industrial sites, public works, civil engineering projects and recreational locations. In fact, everywhere where light enhances the quality of life.

A company for this century. Set up just prior to the start of the new millennium, NILS is a modern, solid organization staffed by inspired and motivated people who develop, produce and sell innovative lighting systems for in global markets. They have one mission:

“To use durable, energy-efficient light sources and materials in environmentally responsible and practical products for illuminating the community”.

Standard products for custom situations. NILS concentrates on ‘standard’ and OEM lighting products that are used to create custom solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. We believe that LEDs are a key light source for the future, so many of NILS’ designs benefit from their low power consumption and long operational life. And although other products such as the Safety Hand Rail and Light Pipe use conventional light sources, they have one thing in common: energy-efficiency.

A set of complementary skills. To bring its innovative ideas successfully to the marketplace, NILS employs experts in many disciplines – including electronics, civil-, electrical- and mechanical engineering, chemistry, optics and manufacturing technology. We have exclusive rights for the use of the bioresin in lighting applications, and are very experienced in molding tool design, and molding techniques for it.

A strong technology base. The company already has many patents to its name. Our pioneering spirit and drive to bring exciting new products to professional lighting applications has kept us on the leading edge – both in terms of technology and practical experience. Many applications are only just emerging, and by participating in projects with local, regional and national authorities, we have earned a good reputation in the field.