The NILS LED Tunnel Signal and Guiding System is a complete modular system.
The base of this system consists of an universal mounting duct and cabling principle. LED modules with different functionalities can be connected electrically by means of an unique plug and play cable connectors. The mechanical mounting of the LED modules, together with cover profiles can be done by a robust click-in fixing, which fits hermetically.

The system can be installed on the road side barriers in tunnels and is the base for:

- NILS Evacuation Lights (green)
- NILS Traffic Guidance Lights (red or whit)
- NILS Accent Lights (white)

LED Light lines:

The illuminated and emphasizing escape door trimming consists of :
  • Two LED Light Lines, each about 208 cm long, both vertically placed at each side of the escape door.
  • These bumper type LED Light Lines have a triangle shaped cross section. The total light radiating angle 180°, so in both walking directions.
  • In both directions the clear green light is emitted equally from the total surface, without becoming dazzled by strong spots.
  • The LED Light Lines provide an excellent visibility over more than 100 meter during the total lifetime of the LED’s.
  • As a result of the design of the LED Light lines there is a reduced air resistance in case of pressure waves related to passing traffic. Mechanized brush cleaning is easily possible.

The NILS LED Light lines are cast with a translucent and coloured transparent bioresin material, which is very robust and impact proof. This environmentally friendly material is not easily ignitable, non toxic and doesn’t melt. The triangle shaped Light Line modules include a transparent LED module, which are fully encapsulated and exchangeable.

The LED modules provide at least 50 lumen per meter by at least 18 power LED’s per line.

Model NL2010

2000 x 80 x 58 mm (L x B x H)
Protection value
Power supply voltage
max. 24 V DC
50 Hz
Light source
Light colour
Green, 525.. 535 nm
Nominal capacity
50 W
Expected Lifespan
> 50000 hours
Cable burning resistance
DIN 4102-12 (E30)
9 bolds/screws, hole diameter Ø 6mm