Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have many benefits for both functional and decorative lighting in a wide range of applications. To take full advantage of their low-energy consumption, high light intensity, long operational life and the wide range of colors available, NILS has developed the versatile LED Line system.



  • Advertising
  • Building signage
  • Static and dynamic route marking
  • Architectural feature highlighting
  • Building profiling
  • Decoration
  • Emergency exit highlighting


  • Environmentally-friendly bioresin encapsulation
  • Energy-efficient LED light sources
  • More durable than neon
  • Available in custom shapes
  • Range of colors
  • Modules can be switched individually
  • Walking light features
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • UV stable modules
  • Easy installation
  • Cover in the same color as the LED light

Bioresin-encapsulated LEDs

The LED Line technology is based on a unique bioresin, an extremely hard wearing and environmentally responsible material that is molded in standard shapes or custom-made forms.
The bioresin is transparent, but can also be colored (for example, UV-stable red, green, blue and yellow).


Color lighting effects

NILS can supply the LED Lines in two versions. The Basis system comprises mono color LEDs with simple on/off switching. The Basis Plus system adds a dimming function to set the intensity level and preset sequencing to give a ‘walking line’ movement effect. NILS supplies a complete system, including all control electronics and software.

Highlighting building contours

For decoration purposes on both the exteriors and interiors of buildings, architects can integrate LED Lines into features, outlines and profiles on ceilings and walls. Safety features, such as emergency exits and escape routes, can also be highlighted to help in evacuation when visibility is reduced.

Decorative and functional route marking

LED Lines have been used to mark a route in the successful renovation of the prestigious Museum Square in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). This innovative 400-meter long light path forms an illuminated feature that radiates a remarkably even glow from its entire surface. Pedestrian route marking is possible in, for example, parking lots and transport terminals. The LED line is also used as an outline marking solution for exit doors in tunnels or buildings.

Custom signs

In advertising and decorative signs, the LED Line can replace Neon light. Easier to configure in custom shapes and less fragile than glass tubes, the LED Line is also environmentally friendly.

Future development

NILS believes that the full potential of the LED as the light source of the future has yet to be realized. Development of LED Line will keep pace with further evolution of LED technology to bring even more energy-efficient lighting products.