NILS LED Stones feature bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs) molded into a incredibly hard-wearing bioresin layer on the stone’s surface to create functional or decorative lighting effects – including color changes and dynamic route marking.


  • Static or dynamic route marking in parking garages
  • Static or dynamic route marking at petrol stations
  • Platform edge marking in rail- and subwaystations
  • Dynamic route marking at tram- and bus stops
  • Road edge markers in tunnels
  • Decorative features in parks, courtyards and gardens
  • Warning markers in bridges
  • Warning markers in road surfaces
  • Warning markers in curbs


  • Environmentally-friendly bioresin encapsulation
  • Energy-efficient LED light sources
  • Several control options
  • Multi and mono color effects
  • Dimming
  • Flashing and animation effects are possible
  • Can be made in virtually any shape or cobblestone format
  • Complete, easy to install system
  • Including central control electronics

Enhancing safety and efficiency

In applications like train- and metro stations and bus stops, the LED Stones will enhance safety by indicating the edge of the platform. Different colors can be applied to indicate status changes (for example, red for an approaching train). In tunnels and other traffic applications like roundabouts, bends and parking garages, the LED Stone can clearly define routes and lanes. Dynamic effects, such as flashing elements or moving lines, can also be implemented to guide drivers.

Make the ground part of the attraction

As purely decorative elements, LED Stones enhance public parks and gardens, walkways, tourist attractions (monuments) and other public areas at night. The bright LED stones create pleasing lighting effects that can make the ground part of the attraction.

Innovative design and materials

The LED Stones contain long-life LED light sources molded into an extremely hardwearing bioresin that contains no environmentally harmful materials. They conform to IP67, are UV-stable and offer excellent weather and chemical resistance. It is possible to add company logos, coats of arms or other graphics to the illuminated top surface.

Easy to install

They are designed for laying in combination with traditional cobblestones or concrete pavement tiles, and can be made to match any shape or format. They can also be integrated into platforms, bridges and asphalt roads as markers or warning devices. Power and control lines (linking the LED Stones to a central control box) are easy to install.

Dynamic color changes

LED Stones are virtually invisible in daylight, but at night they add a new lighting dimension. By using red-green-blue color mixing techniques, they can also be made to change color for additional impact. Software-controlled dynamic lighting effects can be implemented to give the impression of movement.

Low environmental impact

As with all NILS products, the LED Stone is made from materials with a low environmental impact. LEDs also consume very little power.

Three levels of functionality

NILS can supply the LED Stones in three versions. The Basic system comprises mono color LEDs with simple on/off switching. The Basic Plus system adds a dimming function (to set the intensity level) and preset sequencing (to give a movement effect). The Full-color system incorporates red, green and blue LEDs to permit color changes, and also has software-controlled sequencing for programmable movement and color effects. NILS supplies a complete system, including all control electronics, cabling and software.