The NILS Light Pipe brings general light to where it’s needed by combining the unique light dispersal characteristics of a special optical film with the high-intensity output of gas-discharge lamps. In doing so, NILS has created a cost-efficient solution that provides excellent general lighting in a wide range of public areas.


  • All indoor and outdoor public areas
  • Multi-story and underground car parks
  • Transport terminals
  • Bus stations
  • Subway stations
  • Traffic, rail- and subwaytunnels
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals
  • Swimming pools
  • Cleaning rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Factories
  • Sports facilities
  • Power plants


  • Consistent light spread with no dark spots
  • Energy-efficient metal halide lamps ( 70W / 14,000 hours)
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Silent and impact resistant
  • Modular system includes pipe, light source and armature
  • Flexible lengths 2-3-4 and 6 meter
  • Easy to maintain
  • No replacements above traffic lanes or production facilities
  • High-tech look
  • Color of light 3000K or 4200K
  • Impact proof
  • Angle of light 120 or 180 degrees
  • Light mono or bi-directional
  • Electronic switchgear

General lighting for indoors or outside

A Light Pipe is typically used for enhancing safety and comfort in applications such as offices, multi-story and (underground) carparks, warehouses, swimming pools, hospitals, clean rooms, shopping malls, refrigeration facilities and industrial sites. Because it conforms to IP65, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Innovative design and materials

It is a modular system based on a transparent pipe lined with 3M’s patented Optical Light Film that evenly disperses light along its length. The light sources are energy-efficient 70W gas-discharge lamps placed at the ends and at intervals along the pipe (depending on length and required light output). The system includes the electronic switchgear.

Tough, silent and attractive

There is no forced-air cooling so the NILS Light Pipe is totally silent. The pipe itself is made from tough clear material, making it impact resistant. The armature and all cables are integrated into the design producing an attractive unit with a high-tech appearance.

A cost-effective alternative

At present, fluorescent tubes in splash-resistant armatures are the most common form of lighting used in public places. Apart from the relatively high degree of maintenance required, fluorescent lighting also produces uneven coverage with intensity variations leading to discomforting ‘dark spots’ between fittings. In contrast, a Light Pipe delivers consistent intensity along its length, and requires less maintenance. In contrast to the fluorescent tubes, the Light Pipe is not considered chemical waste.

Low environmental impact

As with all NILS products, the Light Pipe is made from materials with a low environmental impact. Power consumption is also lower than comparable conventional lighting solutions. Each lamp provides up to 14,000 hours operational life.

A modular system approach

The continuous halogen-free pull-truded glass fiber reinforced polyester assembly can be configured in any length to produce Light Pipes to suit all situations. It does not conduct electricity or heat. Different color temperature lamps (3000K or 4000K) can also be specified with a beam angle of 120° or 180°. No special tools or training are required to install and maintain a NILS Light Pipe. The system can be delivered in various factory-assembled lengths. Shorter lengths have a higher light output per meter.